Teufelskunst was created as a place, where I could offer my occult art for sale. At the moment it is a one-person business, based in Dresden, Germany. The name “Teufelskunst” first came up in 2009. But it took another 3 years until it was introduced to a wider audience. The Teufelskunst website went online in 2012. Teufelskunst customers value quality, individual advice and experience.

The founder

X.A. is the founder and creative mind behind Teufelskunst. She is an artist working in different media, from photography to illustration to sculpting. 2014 saw her debut as a writer for Anathema’s Pillars Journal. Her work with Teufelskunst spans from the design and creation of unique artwork, to writing articles on herbalism and offering advice to fellow practitioners and neophytes.

Philosophy and purpose

The Teufelskunst website offers a supply for practitioners of ritual magic of various backgrounds. At the same time its goal is to educate and act as an information resource on occultism and herbalism and offers advice on these topics. Thirdly it aims to promote art and other artist’s work.

Tradition meets progress

Teufelskunst customers value tradition, but they are not stuck in the past. The goal is to combine the benefits of established tradition with modern working surroundings and life styles.

Economics and payments

Teufelskunst sustains itself through sales of original artworks, print editions, illustration commissions etc. In the future it is planned to offer written content, essays and expanded info articles on certain plants etc. as digital downloads.

I currently accept payments with PayPal worldwide and SEPA bank transfer inside Euro countries.

Official insignia


Sigillum major


Sigillum minor

Sigillum minor


Teufelskunst Devil






Contact e-mail for all inquiries: info@teufelskunst.com

Now you can also buy Teufelskunst creations on Etsy. Note, special offers may only be available through the official website and by subscribing to the mailing list.

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7 Responses to About

  1. DANIEL LUCIO says:

    I would buy mandrake seeds. I am located in BRAZIL. How can I make the purchase of seeds and what form of payment and shipping will be used for me to live in Brazil?

  2. Elphos says:

    Hi, nice to meet You. I was looking for an angel trumpet picture to send to a beloved sister, and found your website. What called my attention was the seal of the plant. On the top there’s a circle and a moon. This girl who I love has the a similar tattoo, but drawn with a lotus and a moon. Could You please help me telling me the meaning of this particular piece so I could elaborate a poem for her? Thanks,

    Felipe Maino Bica

  3. darah vetro says:

    DO you still have Belladonna root for sale?

  4. Jay says:

    I would like to order Aconite and Blackthorn if you have it. What are the prices and shipping fees for both of these items.

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