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AMSG, Clavicula Nox 2 +4, Devoted, Panparadox deluxe, The Grimoire of Tiamat, The Sacrificial Universe

New in Secondhand Literature:   AMSG, Vox Inferni Press, extended hard-cover edition, #62/300 – mint condition Price: 50 EUR + shipping (from Sweden)   Clavicula Nox 2 – Lucifer, Ixaxaar publishing 2005, various authors – read once, near mint condition Price: … Continue reading

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New Moon Sowing, Garden August ’15

Originally posted on Pflanzenkunst:
Today I have sown the remainder of the mandrake seeds, which had been primed months ago. They were kept in wet paper towels and placed in the fridge for weeks, then taken out and placed in…

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Site Updates and Preview Spring/Summer 2015

Art is uncompromising and life is full of compromises. This quote by German writer and artist Günter Grass (16 October 1927 – 13 April 2015) sums up my past weeks. It has been silent here and, apart from the secondhand book … Continue reading

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Mandragora Flowering

Originally posted on Wiebke Rost:
Vernal mandrake shooting forth plenty of flowers, in fact surpassing all previous years. It’s an utterly delightful sight! But still too early for bees or other pollinators. I may have to jump in… This is…

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Pillars 1.III – The Ebon Kteis

Originally posted on Wiebke Rost:
Today arrived my contributor copy of Pillars Journal 1.III, The Ebon Kteis, which contains my very first published essay and where I delve into the concepts and personal motivations behind one of my artworks. The…

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Towards the Equinox

Tonight I finished another two Sigil Card Sets to be shipped this week and spent the rest of the night with some red wine and a herbal contemplation, celebrating the end of summer and welcoming autumn. The equinox is not … Continue reading

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Teufelskunst Amulets

amulet from Latin amuletum according to Pliny “an object that protects a person from trouble” These amulets or medals are dedicated to our spiritual guides and followers alike. Cast in bronce and finished by hand, each one is unique and … Continue reading

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