The Trumpet

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Artists to check out:

Akherra Phasmatanás
Angela Edwards
Performance artist, painter, sculptor
Anna Krajewski
Anna Krajewski
Visual artist
Author Portrait by Kyle Fite
Ash Nostro Morg
Writer, poet
Charlotte Rodgers
Animist, object artist, writer

CM Vænvs Obscvra
The Tree of All
Glen Tomney
Visual artist, musician
Spirit of the Green Witch
Harold Roth, Herbalist, Painter
Visual artist

Mark Jarell /Vosus
Visual artist, musician (Stomach Hand)

Patrick John Larabee
Writer, illustrator
Richard A. Kirk
Richard A. Kirk
Visual artist, author

Samuel Araya
Visual artist, illustrator
Valin Mattheis
Visual artist

Photographer, illustrator, sculptor
All external links provided here have been visited and checked at least once. However, I am not responsible for their content.

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