Your Artful Ritual Supply

Altar Discs
Amulet 11/11 '16Amulets and Rosaries
Sakura Yume, oneiric incense
High John the Conqueror
Thorn Crowns

Full program:

  • altar statues sculpted from clay
  • altar discs
  • artwork and illustrations
  • boxes, herbal reliquaries, seed boxes etc.
  • dolls, stuffed with sorcerous herbs
  • herbal pouches and charms
  • herbal fetishes in glass bottles
  • incense blends for necromantic and qliphotic rituals
  • magical amulets and rosaries
  • thorn charms for cursing
  • thorn-crowns
  • wands carved from locally harvested wood

All items offered on this website are hand-made and one of a kind. Patience is required when ordering a custom-made piece. I am always working on new objects and incense blends, so there are always new creations to be expected. Ordering is via good old e-mail and that’s also the way to receive info on upcoming special editions.

Besides, now you can also buy Teufelskunst creations on Etsy. Note, special offers may only be available through this website. To learn early about these, follow the blog or subscribe to the blog’s mailing list.

Official contact e-mail for all inquiries:


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