The Qliphoth

This is an overview on the qliphoth (or kliffot) and shared here to give an idea of the system employed in the manufacture of Teufelskunst incense blends and other items.

nr. qlipha ruler attributions infernal habitation
I Thaumiel Satan-Moloch ♆/♇ Tehom
II Ghagiel Beelzebuth
III Sathariel Lucifuge Rofocale
IV Gha’asheklah Astaroth Abaddon
V Golachab Asmodeus Titahion
VI Thagirion Belphegor Barshacheth
VII A’arab Zaraq Baal Tzelmoth
VIII Samael Adramelech Shaarimoth
IX Gamaliel Lilith Gehinnom
X Nahemoth Naamah

The names are latinized or anglicized for convenience and differ from the original hebrew spelling.


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