Sigil Card Sets

All card sets are currently sold out. A new and expanded edition is in progress. For reservations and pre-orders please write to


Previous editions:

Sigil Card Set, Autumn Equinox 2014Autumn Equinox 2014

The difference between this edition and the former is none but the wrapping paper on the slip-case. The new edition has a black to green peacock marble paper wrapping. The content remains the same:

  • 45 cards with plant sigils printed black on heavy paper vergé, numbered on the back
  • 4 colored cards with ‘soul-paintings’
  • numbered, edition-specific title card
  • list with names of corresponding herbs
  • introduction to the cards

All cards are hand-numbered on the back. With the help of a list you find the name of the corresponding herb for each card. There is no prescribed method of laying the cards. Possible ways of interpreting and laying them are outlined in the introduction that comes with each set.

The first time I presented these sigil cards to an audience was at the London Magical Arte event in March 2014. The cards were passed around, single motifs were discussed and became the basis for inspired conversation. At the time I had only printed the cards but not yet made a nice packaging for them. Later I made slipcases with paper from my local bookbinder. Thus far two smaller editions have been done for the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, followed by a 3rd edition of 15 for the Autumn Equinox.

Note: as of September 28 2015 these are sold out. I hope to be doing a larger edition in the future with the help of the funds gathered through the sale of these first editions. If you wish to receive one of the next please message me at

Below is a preview of the content and photos of the different editions:


2 Responses to Sigil Card Sets

  1. Mitch Stargrove says:

    I would like to order a set, or two. Does this set contain the previous contents? If not, can previous sets/cards be purchased?
    I am at a USA address.
    Can I pay via paypal?
    Do I need to wait until release date to order?

    Thanks, Mitch

    • Teufelskunst says:

      Greetings Mitch,
      I just answered your e-mail!
      The content is the same, except that the first sets I made had 4 cards less.
      The first 2 editions were more or less made on demand for just a handful of people.
      I plan on making a larger future edition, but first have to gather the funds needed.
      Payment is with Paypal. I just send you an invoice. Pre-orders are accepted. However the sets will ship after the equinox.

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