Sigilla Magica

All card sets are currently sold out. I am working on a new expanded edition, which I hope to complete and make available on the Winter Solstice 2015. For reservations and pre-orders please write to and I add your name to the list.

All sigils and art by X.A. 121/Teufelskunst © 2009 to present

You may not alter or copy any of these images. Download for non-commercial use is allowed as long as you write an e-mail to asking for permission and providing a link where you intend to use the artworks on- or offline. You can also purchase a printed card set, fine art prints and colored postcards from me. For edition specifics and info on ordering please write an e-mail to


8 Responses to Sigilla Magica

  1. Robert Groeling says:

    What are the meaning of each sigils?

    • Uncle Dee says:

      nothing those are just from author’s fantasy ….

      • Teufelskunst says:

        Hello Uncle Dee, this is correct, obviously. But the way you say it sounds very negative. And it is a bit impolite answering on my behalf. I mean the question was directed to me not to you. And I did not reply since the user had already deactivated his account before I could get back to his question.

        But to the actual question and your comment: Even though I leave it to the viewer to interpret the visuals the way they like instead of confronting them with pre-formulated thoughts, it does not mean that these sigils would not have a meaning to me. And I do appreciate any conversation about them as long as the conversion is polite and open-minded. Secondly I might have understood you wrong, but it sounds like you devaluate the aspect of fantasy. Now please tell me one single artist or author of anything that would not use their fantasy / imagination. Thank you. – W.

  2. eric rodriguez says:

    Whats tbe meaning of the black mandrake sigil? thanks

    • Teufelskunst says:

      Hi Eric, you’ll find an extended answer to your question inside Pillars journal 1.III, out now via – because I kept receiving plenty of questions both about my sigils and the mandrake in general, I’ve taken to it and composed 11 pages on the cultural significance and the many attributions given to the plant.

  3. Heather says:

    These are awesome!

  4. Peter Bernal says:

    What is the meaning of the aconite sigil ?? Thank you

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